About Te Plate ICT

Founder and owner of Te Plate ICT, Ton te Plate, graduated from the Hogeschool van Utrecht at the Faculty of Digital Media & Communication (formerly; School for Communication Systems) at the end of the nineties. With approximately 25 years of experience in the Application and Workspace Management industry (workplace and application migrations) and as an entrepreneur, he is an all-rounder in terms of knowledge and skills and has developed as an intermediary between people and technology.

Technology is in his DNA, but he always looks at ICT from the point of view of the "customer of ICT services", which is usually the employees during migration processes. Do you treat your employees as a customer, because even if you still invest so much in technology, the success of every project stands or falls with the adoption of the end users.

Our Mission

Te Plate ICT advises and provides services to organizations with which they can modernize and transform their digital work environment, enabling the employee to work flexibly and efficiently, anywhere, anytime ...

Our Vision

The world is transforming at a rapid pace through available technology and through our way of living and working as a result of events, such as COVID-19. The workplace is mobile, the location where we work is spread out and the work environment and applications are offered cloud-based and can be accessed on various equipment. We help organizations with this transformation, whereby we also have an eye for the needs of the employees (the internal customer of ICT services) and not just the technological implementation. Transformation and innovation are key concepts here. We do ICT in a different way!

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